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The CARD game for Humans and Dogs to play together!

The new CARD GAME people and dogs play together. Sniff your dog, sniff your human... balance a treat on your nose...wag your tail...play dead . . . Muttheads is great family fun and costs less than an eventing at the movies. For 1 or more dogs and 2 or more humans (aged 8 years and older).

The OBJECT OF THE GAME is to score the most points by collecting sets of two or more matching Mutt and Head cards and successfully performing the card tasks.

Fast Play - Play until a player goes out, tally the scores, the player with the highest score wins.
Long Play - Play as many rounds as it takes for a player’s total score to reach 500 points.

Use your voice, gestures and treats to get your dog to perform the card tasks.

Additional Items Needed to Play :
Before beginning have on hand dog treats, paper and writing instrument for scoring. When playing with more than 4 players, use two decks.



Muttheads Cards in a Box - $14.95

Muttheads in a can

Muttheads Cards in a Collector Can - $17.95